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30 rock, america's next top model, angel, arrested development, bad jokes, board games, boys, broadway, buffy: the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, canada's next top model, carabiners, chuck, clue, cynicism, dead like me, dollhouse, dr. horrible's singalong blog, elliott smith, english, ewan mcgregor, final fantasy, firefly, francis capra, grammar, himym, home movies, house m.d., johnny cash, kate bush, law & order, leonard cohen, literature, love, lunar: silver star story, mocking, morrissey, moulin rouge, muppets, musicals, newsradio, politics, puns, pushing daisies, queer as folk, rainbow brite, reading, rocky and bullwinkle, rpgs, sarcasm, scrubs, showtunes, slc punk, snape, the blues brothers, the dresden dolls, the misfits, the office, the who, theater, tori amos, veronica mars, weevil, wordplay, writing, xander harris
I'm a lawyer. As far as I know.

I love to edit.

I only use this now to comment on ONTD. So assume every/all things are out of date except my thoughts on gossip.